You’ve Got Questions. We Have Answers!

If you have any of the questions below about working with us, you’re in good company! If we didn’t hit the nail on the head for you, email us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Who’s responsible for the content?

ZinePak products feature 100% original content that’s written, designed, and produced by our team. ZinePak takes care of all interviews, partner integration, routing of materials, and production. We can even work with brand partners or advertisers to help offset production costs!

How long are we talking before my ZinePak is complete?

Start to finish—12 weeks. That’s just 60 working days until you are proudly holding your own ZinePak product!

What about quantity?

We can make as few or as many ZinePak products as your project calls for. We’ve printed as few as 250 for special events, as many as 250,000 for international projects, and just about every number in between.

What if I want a different size?

No problem! ZinePak products can be created in any size (or shape!) to fit your specific marketing needs.

What’s the deal with inserts?

We have a list of 65 insert items from vetted manufacturing partners. ZinePak typically makes insert suggestions and works with each client to find the right fit. We also handle the design and manufacturing once an item has been chosen.

What’s it gonna cost?

Like anything, the price per unit gets lower as the production number increases. Other ZinePak pricing factors include the number of pages and the types of insert items included. We’re always happy to put together quotes for client review.

Do I have to sell my package at retail?

No. Your ZinePak product can be used promotionally or commercially in any way you choose. Our clients have used ZinePak products at fashion shows, sporting events, concerts, corporate gatherings, and movie premieres, to name a few.

What if I want my project to be digital?

No problem! We can deliver ePubs, iBooks, and other files to fit any spec you need, so your content will be compatible on devices around the world.